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Session formats

Open space / un-conference style

Open space (aka un-conference) sessions are participants proposed and led session which attract the right people to learn from the amazing conversations.

Unlike traditional start-to-finish speaker-led events, in open space events it is designed to help you meet peers, find those with shared interests, exchange experience and fulfill your own learning needs.

Open space events work by:

  • People showing up with the right mix of attitude for sharing and expertise on the topics
  • Participants setting the agenda at the start of the event by proposing topics they wish to discuss.
  • Participants quickly discover who is interested in the same topics and these topics are assigned to a time and space to have the discussion
  • The repeat for other topics and add new agenda topics every few rounds.

Speed Pitching

Based on the idea of speed dating, this session gives companies and agencies the chance to pitch their service or product in just 5 minutes to small groups of participants.


Plenary speakers provoke and challenge us with innovative ideas and practices ranging from case studies to the latest research. They present to all participants.

Photograph showing different people listening attentively to a presentation.
Presenter explaining something in front of a presentation screen, presentation equipment and flipchart framing him.

Peer Presentations

Prepared presentations or workshops to a self-selecting group of participants led by a Campaigning Forum participant(s).

Ignite Talks

Multiple rapid 7-minute presentations to all participants at the end of each day. Prepared and delivered by participants.

Photograph of a man giving a workshop and using a flipchart.
Photograph of different people sitting around a table discussing.


90-minute interactive workshops prepared and delivered by participants to a self-selecting group of participants.