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Speed Pitching

Pitch your services to Campaigning Forum participants in 5 minute bursts over drinks

Attending the Berlin Campaign Forum is a great way to connect with peers and potential clients and showcase your expertise through the contributions you make in the small group sessions.

Many of the agencies who participated in the past found the event to be a fantastic way of getting to know the sector, potential clients and issues they grapple with. However, a space in the programme was needed for them to talk about their company and services as well as how they can help not-for-profits and union participants with campaigning, fundraising or technology.

That’s is why we introduced a special ‘speed pitching’ session before dinner on day 1 to give sponsors and other service providers the chance to quickly showcase what they have to offer in a fun, high-energy format.

Based on the idea of speed dating, this optional pre-dinner session gives you the chance to pitch your service or product in just 5 minutes to small groups of participants. Groups will move around the room to catch as many pitches as they can in just one hour. It will be loud, it will be chaotic, and it will be fun.

You’ll get table space and wall space or flip chart, you can bring a laptop or tablet, but your pitch is up to you. We’ll lay on the drinks and the crowd control(ish).

Who can join? How much is it?

The Berlin Campaign Forum sponsors and hosts wegewerk and FairSay will be there. If you’d like to join them, just tick the box for speed pitching in your application or contact us. Participation costs 90€ which we’ll use to help cover the room hire and drinks.

It works well because it provides a great chance for suppliers to connect with clients without disrupting the peer-led ethos of the event.

Are you in? Email if you wish to book a space (space is limited).