Berlin Campaign Forum 2023

Nov 8-9

Meet and learn with top and upcoming campaigners

A re-boot of the annual Campaigning Forum Europe (ECF Europe) event.

The Berlin Campaign Forum is different: participants set the agenda

At the Berlin Campaign Forum, you set your agenda and we help you find others who share it. Speakers and workshops are there to provoke thought. Result: you learn more and connect with more people. This is the way events should be.


Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed my first ever #CampaigningForum. I wish we’d had longer!

Rachel George

Vital information

  1. Who: Campaigners, fundraisers, media officers, volunteer managers, digital experts, managers, etc. from all over Europe
  2. Where: UfaFabrik, Berlin, Germany
  3. Capacity: 70
  4. Cost: We offer different price tiers depending on the country’s GDP. You can view your individual price when applying for participation. We also offer special rates for returning participants and earlybird applications.
  5. Language: English. As the majority of participants will be non-native speakers, we encourage using simple language.

The Agenda

Tue Nov 7

Pre-Event Programme



Open Space Leadership Briefing

This informal pre-dinner session will offer the chance to get the ball rolling and start to gather ideas and proposals for Open Space sessions. Join us to:

  • share ideas and tips on successful Open Space groups
  • review the potential agenda topics and themes that emerge from the participant questionnaires with a fun topic-sorting exercise
  • help start to shape the Campaigning Forum agenda, working in groups to start developing session proposals.

Open to all, though a working knowledge of Open Space methodology will be assumed.

19:30-20:30+ Dinner: Kick-start connections and conversations with Campaign Forum participants
21:00+ Connect to kick-start connections and conversations

Wed Nov 8

Berlin Campaign Forum 2023 – Day one

TIME Day one sessions
09:30 Registration, coffee/tea, informal discussions
10:00 Welcome, introduction and agenda review
10:30 Warm-up activities and speed networking

Introduction to Open Space & agenda setting

11.30 Coffee/tea break

Open Space knowledge exchange A

  • Scheduled based on participant input each morning
13:00 Lunch

Peer presentations

  1. Arrange to host a peer presentation/workshop on the application form or by agreement after applying.

Open Space knowledge exchange B

  • Scheduled based on participant input each morning
15:45 Coffee/tea break

Open Space knowledge exchange C

  • Scheduled based on participant input each morning

Ignite talks (7 min each)

  1. Engagement focused campaigning, Timo Dreher, Greenpeace Germany
  2. From email to calendar bombing – how we can use old-school-tech to win campaigns, Michael Dettbarn, Greenpeace Germany
  3. Arrange to give an Ignite talk on the application form or by agreement after applying. See what it takes to deliver an ignite-style talk.

Speed pitching & social

Service providers and consultants tell you what they offer, answer your questions and/or take your feedback. 5 minutes per table then rotate. Free drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks)

  1. Wegewerk (Juri Maier)
  2. (Duane Raymond)
  3. More to-be-confirmed (available during booking or by agreement)
19:00-20:00+ Dinner
21:00+ Social

Thu Nov 9

Campaign Forum 2023 – Day two

TIME Day two sessions
08:30 Arrival, coffee/tea, informal discussions
09:00 Day two agenda review, pulse check and agenda setting

Open Space knowledge exchange D

  • Scheduled based on participant input each morning

Open Space knowledge exchange E

  • Scheduled based on participant input each morning
11:30 Coffee/tea break

Plenary: #RestoreNature – Against the odds by Ola Miklasińska

How to capitalize on a big opposition against your campaign’s goal?
How to make something unknown, known?
How to make your campaign move outside “the Brussels bubble”?

In this session, we will follow the rollercoaster ride of the #RestoreNature campaign which was never meant to be a campaign in the first place. We will talk (emergency) planning, movement building, the power of right messaging, how to turn the obstacles you encounter into the biggest driving force behind your campaign, but also what we definitely do not recommend doing… We will be practical but also brutally honest.

About the speaker:

Picture of Ola Miklasinska, communications officer at the WWF.

Ola works as a communications officer at the WWF European Policy Office, focusing on biodiversity topics. She’s been involved in the #RestoreNature campaign that successfully advocated for the first-ever EU Nature Restoration Law.

What started as campaigning with a positive tone, quickly turned upside down due to the unprecedented opposition against the law from conservative and right-wing politicians. But the #RestoreNature campaign team and their partners rallied over 200 NGOs, more than a million citizens, 100 businesses, and multiple other groups to speak up in favour of the law and defend it together.

This massive mobilisation attracted attention from top mainstream media around Europe and put enormous pressure on politicians to support the law.

13:00 Lunch

Open Space knowledge exchange F

  • Scheduled based on participant input each morning
15:00 Coffee/tea break

Teach-in: share skills or knowledge with others

  1. Community organising: From planning to door knocking
    Discover community organizing and how this method works in building social movements. We’ll briefly explore the history (where it worked and why), the steps of community organizing, building the structure of a civic movement, educating leaders and planning civic campaigns in a community organizing approach (differences). Then we’ll progress into an introduction to the “door knocking” method – why we do it and how we do it. This workshop involves practicing this method. – Joanna Machowska, Common Thing Foundation (Fundacja Rzecz Społeczna)
  2. Arrange to host a Teach-in on the application form or by agreement after applying. To be confirmed based on participant contributions (participants propose a presentation in the application or later)

Ignite Talks (7 min each)

  1. Arrange to give an Ignite talk on the application form or by agreement after applying.  See what it takes to deliver an ignite-style talk.
17:30 Event formally ends
19:00+ Ad-hoc dinner and drinks in near venue – self-organised for those staying around

Confirmed participants

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