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Terms & Conditions (2024)


  1. Participant Selection Criteria: How participants are decided
  2. Event Privacy Policy: How your details will and won’t be used
  3. Reduced Fee Criteria: Who qualifies for the reduced fees
  4. Participation Fund: Fully-sponsored participation
  5. Fee Terms and Conditions: Refund policy, etc.
  6. What is Covered by the Participation Fee?
  7. Participants from the Commercial Sector
  8. Sponsorship Policies

Participant Selection Criteria

Participants are selected on the basis of one or more of these:

  • Expertise to contribute to the exchange of knowledge (i.e. campaigning, fundraising, digital, leadership, NGO management, volunteering, media, policy research and beyond)
  • Being involved in successful initiatives from which others can learn
  • Diversity that contributes to the exchange of knowledge (i.e. organisations, issues, countries)
  • Participating in the shaping of the event via the Event web site and/or community lists
  • Being able to attend both days of the event
  • 2-3 years relevant experience, including volunteering, local activism and work beyond the campaign sector
  • Those that have attended a Campaigning Forum/FairSay event/training in the past
  • Those willing to contribute before and/or during the event to help make it a success, especially  
    finding sponsors or attracting new qualified participantsfor the event or taking on a task before, during or after the event.

If you’re not sure if this event is for you, get in touch and we can give you some further guidance.


  • Participation is only secure upon full receipt of the fees.
  • Regardless of advance payment, the cancellation period still applies and any cancellations and no-shows after the cancellation period expires are still expected to pay in full.

Selection Process:

  1. Interested participants apply by initial deadline
  2. Applicants informed if they are offered a spot or if they are on the wait list
  3. Those offered a spot have 15 days to pay (payment must be received within 15 days)
  4. Those on the waitlist will be offered a spot as they become available
  5. Participation is confirmed upon receipt of fee

Event Privacy Policy

Your details will be used:

  • To assess your application for attending the Berlin Campaign Forum
  • For Applicants: Saved as a record of who applied
  • For Participants: Used for essential communication pre and post event leading up to and immediately following the event
  • With consent, email address added to the event email discussion list of other participations
  • With consent, participant’s name, organisation, role, country and public URLs will be publicly listed
  • With consent, participant’s name, organisation, role, country, email, phone and other provided contact details will be distributed only to other participants who also consented after the event
  • Participants topic interests and objectives for the event will be publicly shared without personally identifying information.
  • Participants’ name and organisation will be provided to the venue reception to facilitate entry to the venue
  • Participants’ agree that any photos, video or audio in which they appear and taken by the event organisers can be used and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 license. Those not wishing to appear in photos, videos or audio will be instructed how to signal this.
  • Applicants eligible to participate in a pre and/or post meeting will have relevant details passed to the appropriate pre/post meeting coordinator.
  • Applicants indicating an interest in an offer by a third party will have their basic details (name, email, organisation, role) passed on to that third party.
  • With consent, applicants and participants: transferred to the Campaigning Forum community email discussion list after the event in order to facilitate your continued engagement with the rest of the community.
  • With consent, applicants and participants: invited to join and participate in various social networks in order to facilitate your engagement with the rest of the community.

At any time you can ask for any of these uses to not apply to you and/or can remove yourself from any email list or other social network in which you are included.

How your details will not be used:

  • Your details will not be sold, traded or otherwise distributed to others other than is specifically outlined above.
  • You won’t be added to any email list without having specifically opted-in for it.

Participation Rates

We charge different participation rates depending on the country of residence of the participant or organisation (whoever pays the fees) to allow for more participants from different countries. Rates might be further reduced later on dependent upon sponsors contributing specifically to a participation fund.

The decision which rates to apply depends on criteria like:

  • Median Income per capita
  • GDP per capita
  • Expected travel cost
  • Over- and underrepresentation at the event
  • Preferences of the Sponsor

Sponsor contributions to the participation fund will only be used for reducing rates, and otherwise reimbursed.

Fee Terms and Conditions

  • Fees due in full 15 days from the date of issue or by the day before the event – whichever comes first. The organising fee rate is only valid for these 15 days after which a new invoice may be issued if the organising fee has increased.
  • Participation is only confirmed upon receipt of the fee following a offer to attend (and assuming the participation offer hasn’t been withdrawn due to late payment of fees)
  • Payments by Credit Card via PayPal will also be billed for the processing fee FairSay incurs so that FairSay receives is the full invoiced amount.
  • There are no discounts or refunds for only attending part of the event.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations and refunds only apply if the person cancelling cannot/will not nominate another qualifying person to take their place. The amount refunded is based on the amount received if it differs from the amount of the invoice. For instance online and international payments often have transaction fees deducted up front and thus what is received differs from what is paid.

For the participation fee

  • 100% of received payment refund: If cancelled more than 15 days in advance.
  • 75% of of received payment refund: If cancelled 7-14 days in advance
  • 0% of received payment refund: If cancelled less than 7 days in advance or a registered participant does not show up at the event. Any outstanding balance will still be owed unless a substitute participant is found.

All refunds will be dealt with after the event and once all fees have been received and expenses paid.

For the catering costs:

  • 100% catering refund if cancelled 15 days or more in advance
  • 0% catering refund if cancelled less than 15 days in advance

What is Covered by the Campaign Forum Participation Fee?

  • Participation in all days of the Berlin Campaign Forum (day 1 morning – day 2 late afternoon)
  • Dinner on Wednesday, 2 lunches, 2 tea/coffee breaks a day and the associated venue service charges
  • The meeting rooms and facilities for both days of the Berlin Campaign Forum (day 1 morning – day 2 late afternoon)
  • Hiring facilitators, covering speaker costs, organiser effort, printed materials, covering unpaid/short fees, etc.
  • Venue and food service changes (10%)

The additional options selected when applying (e.g. accommodation, dinner on Tuesday and Thursday, training) are not included in the ‘participation fee’.

Participants from Commercial Sector

Campaigning Forum Participants from commercial sector (agencies, freelancers, service providers, consultancies, etc.) are welcome to join the Campaigning Forum if their expertise is of benefit to event participants and their organisations. However there are some constraints on their participation that is aimed to preserve the non-commercial atmosphere of the event, to prevent abuse of the event and to preserve the value of the event for sponsors. Non-sponsoring commercial participants:

  • Cannot provide parallel presentations (30 min) or short-presentations (7-8 min) unless they are invited by the organisers or get the permission of the organisers (who will ask about content and give guidance)
  • Cannot distribute materials to all participants
  • Cannot make announcements of promotions or other incentives to all participants

Commercial participants are free to propose open-space topics on any of the above and beyond. The best way for commercial participants to benefit from participating in the Campaigning Forum in addition to learning from others, is to share their expertise and build one-to-one relationships, through which NGO participants learn what you do and if they need what you can offer.

Sponsorship Policies

Campaigning Forum is organised so it does not rely on sponsorship to be viable. Thus the role of sponsorship is to allow the core event to be extended such as event videos, expert workshops, piloting new streams, etc. Furthermore, to keep NGO participant focused the following sponsorship principles are followed:

  • Sponsors have no automatic right to present. They may present if they having something of value to share (upon advance agreement)
  • Sponsors commercial activity has to be agreed with the Campaigning Forum organisers in advance (e.g. promotions, tables, announcements, distributions)
  • Sponsors have no veto over the agenda or the topics. They may input the agenda like all participants (publicly or privately).