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Agenda 2023

Here you can find last year’s agenda to give you an idea of what the Berlin Campaign Forum 2024 could look like.

Tue Nov 7th Pre-Event Programme
18.30-19.30  Open Space Leadership Briefing
19:30-20:30+Dinner: Kick-start connections and conversations with Campaign Forum participants.
21:00+Connect to kick-start conversations.
Wed Nov 8th Berlin Campaign Forum 2023 – Day One
TIMEDay One Sessions
09:30Registration, coffee/tea, informal discussions
10:00Welcome, introduction and agenda review
10:30Warm-up activities and speed networking
11:00Introduction to Open Space & agenda setting
11:30Coffee/tea break
12:00Open Space knowledge exchange A

Session 1: “Artificial Intelligence”
Session 2: “Are civil resistance groups doing more harm than good?”
Session 3: “Disinformation”
Session 4: “Election Campaigning Strategies”
Session 5: “EU Election Agenda”
Session 6: “Fail Tales”
Session 7: “How to engage Western audiences in Eastern European campaigns?”
Session 8: “How to evaluate success of a campaign?”
Session 9: “How to go beyond petitions and convert leads into real supporters?”
Session 10: “How to measure success when trying to reach people’s hearts and minds?”
Session 11: “Newsletters”
14:00Peer presentations
14:45Open Space knowledge exchange B
15:45Coffee/tea break
16:15Open Space knowledge exchange C
17:15Ignite talks (7 min each)
18:00Speed pitching & social

Service providers and consultants tell you what they offer, answer your questions and/or take your feedback. 5 minutes per table then rotate. Free drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks)

1. wegewerk. (Juri Maier)
2. (Duane Raymond)
Thu Nov 9thCampaign Forum 2023 – Day Two
TIMEDay Two Sessions
08:30Arrival, coffee/tea, informal discussions
09:00Day two agenda review, pulse check and agenda setting
09:30Open Space knowledge exchange D
10:30Open Space knowledge exchange E
11:30Coffee/tea break
12:00Plenary: Campaigning on a European level (Ola Miklasińska)
14:00Open Space knowledge exchange F
15:00Coffee/tea break
15:30Teach-in: share skills or knowledge with others
16:30Ignite Talks (7 min each)
17:30Event formally ended
19:00+Ad-hoc dinner and drinks in near venue – self-organised for those staying around